Yi Qin (Eason)

I'm now currently a Ph.D. student supervised by Prof. Xiaomeng Li at ECE, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I also have the opportunity to work closely with Prof. Hao Wang and Dr. Lu Mi. Before joining HKUST, I obtained BEng at the South China University of Technology majoring in Automation Science and Engineering.

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My research interest lies in the interdisciplinary areas of machine intelligence and digital healthcare. Specific interested topics include:

  • Score-based Generative Model
  • Trustworthy/Explainable ML (Energy-based Concept-based models)
  • Foundation Model (FM) based Disease Diagnosis/Prognosis Prediction

"*" indicates equal contribution, "_" indicates equal advising.

b3do Energy-Based Concept Bottleneck Models: Unifying Prediction, Concept Intervention, and Conditional Interpretations
Xinyue Xu, Yi Qin, Lu Mi, Hao Wang, Xiaomeng Li
ICLR, 2024

We introduce Energy-Based Concept Bottleneck Models (ECBM) as a unified framework for concept-based prediction, concept correction, and fine-grained interpretations based on conditional probabilities.

b3do FSDiffReg: Feature-wise and Score-wise Diffusion-guided Unsupervised Deformable Image Registration for Cardiac Images
Yi Qin, Xiaomeng Li
MICCAI, 2023
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To fully exploit the diffusion model's ability to guide the registration task, we present two modules in FSDiffReg: Feature-wise Diffusion-Guided Module (FDG) and Score-wise Diffusion-Guided Module (SDG).

Projects and Patents

  • 'The Blade Wall' - Interactive Computer Vision Art Installation. Cooperated with DJI. Installed in DJI | Hasselblad Mixed Flagship Store, Nanjing.
  • CN Patent [CN202211153269.4] 一种基于三维智能检测的智能调度方法 [实质审查]
  • CN Patent [CN202211156132.4] 一种基于体感的多电机阵列上位机控制系统 [实质审查]
  • CN Patent [CN202211153265.6] 一种基于体感的多电机阵列嵌入式底层驱动系统 [实质审查]
  • CN Patent [ZL202210346880.2] 一种基于Transformer的物流包裹分离方法 [公开]

Honors, Awards, and Services


  • HKUST RedBird PhD Recruitment Award (2023-24)
  • Honoured Thesis - Diffusion Model-Empowered Unsupervised Medical Image Registration
  • First Prize, School of Automation Science and Engineering Scholarship (2021)


  • Silver, Guangdong BME Innovative Competition, 2022
  • Bronze & Best Strategy Award, China University Robot Competition RoboMaster Competition, 2021
  • Third Prize, ICRA & RoboMaster 2021 AI Challenge, 2021


  • Reviewer for ICONIP2023
  • Teaching Assistant: ELEC 4840 Artificial Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis (24 Spring)
  • Technical advisory board member: Guangdong QiLi Tech. Co. Ltd.
  • TED Talk Translator

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